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"Let food be thy medicine and thy wardrobe be the inspiration"

Ella about herself


I'm a certified nutritionist and a mum of three. 

I normally don't dress like in the photo, but I wish my wardrobe consisted of the stylish, creative pieces that I can feel great in. I recognise the importance of our mood (which not only is affected by food) and self-image but it's so hard to find a slot for shopping and get a whole wardrobe at one go.

I would like my closet to filled up with colourful pieces but also a few toned down items so I could match them with the braver ones from time to time.

I would like to inspire subconsciously my clients by wearing clothes that convey happy but professional images which is how I would like to describe myself.

When I'm with my family or on my own, jeans are usually my comfort uniform and I pair them with a T-shirt but could never make the outfit more interesting as I end up with some high-street clothes that everyone wear. How can I change this?

I eat well and I exercise so I'm a healthy size 10 but I could never get rid of my saddle bags. I like to think that this is hereditary and I'm learning to accept it but it would be so much easier if my thighs were dressed a bit better.

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